education "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" – Nelson Mandela


Education is the key to unlock the unlimited opportunities. Ilmasoft is providing smart solutions for education sector. We are determined for providing the fun tools for learning, with the believe that all children are smart but have different pace for learning and children learn best when having fun.

Ilmasoft is also offering solutions for Professional study content along with testing knowledge through simulation exams helps professionals to achieve industry certifications. Now professionals can prepare for the exam utilizing their dead times like traveling, lunch breaks or while waiting for someone.

Why Smart-phone application for Education?

The traditional education system is based on reading, writing and arithmetic and takes place in a classroom using textbooks containing limited information. Whereas smart education, utilizing digital textbooks with interactive contents and the Internet, expands the classroom to museums, cultural relics, parks and any other places outside the classroom. Educational activities that were administered only during limited school hours can be engaged in whenever students want, through online classes and cloud computing services. Professional education apps help professionals to achieve industry best certifications with ease of learning. These apps are well organized, easy to grab knowledge and that all ON THE GO as well. Educational Apps present an opportunity to allow students to learn in new and engaging ways, and opens possibilities that were inconceivable even a few years ago.



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