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ilma Smart Institute Management System is a comprehensive smart business solution for educational institutes that transform the traditional learning & management style into modern efficient digitized way. iSIMS is a combination of SIS (Student Information System) and LMS ( Learning management system) .


Smart bus attendance system is a secure & safe system for school going students. SBAS gives the comfort and control of a well-designed system which provides real time attendance status to parents as well as school management.


ICEEC ensures the safety of students to school management & parents. This system confirms the exact number of student enter/exit from school by school bus or own transport. The attendance is recorded with timestamp and gate info for analysis.


Public transportation are already using e-tickets & the number is expected to double in the near future. Ilmasoft has introduced robust ticketing solution & gives facilities to transporters by transforming the conventional transport culture into digitized and efficient way.


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