Q: Can downloaded apps be used on multiple devices?


For personal use, apps can be installed on all the devices an end user owns. On the App Store in iTunes, apps will be tied to the iTunes account you make the purchase from. If you own multiple Apple devices, for example, an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, you can install on all of them, apple allows 5 devices for the app purchased. Android users can also purchase the same app on Google play store (if available) for your smartphones and tablets and app can be installed on multiple devices tied to the same account.

Note for iOS:

You can only sync a device to one computer, apps will get removed from the device if you subsequently sync the device to a different computer. To put them back, you would need to sync again to the original computer you made the purchase from.

Q: Does your software work on "The new iPad"?


There does not appear to be any reason why our apps will not seamlessly work on the third generation iPad, However, if there is a need, we will quickly work to address any issue.


Our apps are all build for iOS, Android and Tizen are tested to run on supported devices.

Q: On what platform your apps are available?


We have build apps for Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Amazon Kindle and Samsung Tizen.

Q: Can I use a stylus with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch?


You need a special stylus for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch because the touch screen works with electrical conductivity. One stylus we know works well is the Pogo Stylus. You can find out more about it here:

Q: How can I re-download an app for free?


You can re-download any app for free using the same iTunes /google play or any other store that you used to purchase it, all you need is to use the same store account id.

Q: Can your app be used for academic purposes?


Our children and professional educational apps can be licensed on bulk bases. Schools and educational institutions are encouraged to contact the company for bulk discounts.

Q: Can your apps be white labeled?



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