NetSupport 24-7 On-demand support and collaboration

Would you like to provide instant remote support - anywhere in the world relying simply on an Internet connection?
No previous connection to a PC is needed and no software is required to be pre-installed.
The customer requiring support simply clicks on a link and this immediately instigates a chat session with an operator via our central secure gateway.

Full two way chat is supported and in addition an operator can push web pages and pre-defined scripted chats to the end user. If more detailed assistance is needed the operator can send a dynamic NetSupport 24-7 Client to the customers PC in a single action. In seconds the operator can see both the users screen and detailed system information such as inventory, active services, processes running as well as the ability to transfer files and much more.
Once the problem is resolved, on disconnect the NetSupport 24-7 client is completely removed and the users PC returns unchanged to its original condition. A full history of the call is then available for both the operator and the customer.

The result is faster, more efficient problem resolution, increased customer satisfaction and reduction in your overall support costs. As an additional benefit you pay based on use, so no matter how big your customer base is, you don't have any upfront costs. That has to be Refreshing !
NetSupport 24-7 features "show" mode, allowing an Operator to transmit his screen or just a selected application in real-time to a customers PC providing a perfect pre-sales or remote training solution.


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